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My son goes here and my daughter wants to! The coaches are top notch and extreme good with kids. Patience is an understatement. There is a lot to be learned from the way that Coach Mike (the owner) handles so many kids so well. My son is learning discipline and focus and gaining a ton of self confidence. All the coaches are top notch. You can not go wrong by bringing your kids here. - Jason H.

I've been training at Esteem for a year now. I can attest to the quality of instruction and atmosphere.  Michael Stratton and his wife Rosie run a friendly, family orientated academy. Both Michael and Brett are top notch instructors. Equally important, I think, is that the other students are welcoming and supportive. -Eric O. 

I started at Esteem a little over a year ago. The positive effect it has had on my life is uncanny. I had suffered from severe depression and anxiety for a long time and was very out of shape. Esteem has changed all of that. I had negative experiences at other gyms in the area, but Esteem was a very welcoming and comfortable environment. The coaches are amazing, and the people are like a big family. No matter what your goals are this is the right place to come train. You won't regret it! - Mark S.

Michael's coaching and friendliness are above and beyond any gym I have ever visited. The vibe here is unbeatable. Whether you want to learn at your own pace and follow along or go full on competition you will be supported and feel welcome! Do yourself a favor, if you are thinking of trying out the sport of BJJ, stop by and check it out. - John M.

I have been training at Esteem bjj For 7 years and love coming to class every day while looking forward to the next class!  I have lost over 60 pounds less than one year because of Esteem bjj and Coach Michael Stratton. I no longer have sleep apnea, physical ailments, and overall health issues. Everybody always has a smile on their face and are happy to see everyone in the gym. Esteem bjj is a family that strives to help everyone bring out the best in each other. you will be in the best shape of your life, and you will love the training and friendly atmosphere! - Paul O.

I've been training at Esteem for about eight months. It's a solid group of core students, and Mike is a really great instructor.  His lineage is also good as well. Mike is personally guided by Cecil Burch, a Megaton Diaz black belt. While I don't have kids, Esteem's kid group program is awesome as well. Mike makes personal connections with all of his young students, giving them the right encouragement and instructions when it's needed. If you've ever wanted to train BJJ or wanted your kids to learn, but have been intimated by the scene in most academies, you don't have to worry about that at Esteem.  Everyone is welcome, and they are treated as such. - Jon A.


My son and I both have been with Esteem for over two years now and can't say enough good things about Coach Mike and his staff of quality instructors. He and his crew have created a very friendly, welcoming, and family focused atmosphere. Whether your goal is to compete in Jiu Jitsu or simply get in great shape, this is the gym. Oss. - Nate M.


I checked out Esteem BJJ in Petaluma and I enjoyed the place from minute one. Mike the head coach really makes it a point to make the place welcoming as well as possible. Just a great group who loves to work hard and pass along their knowledge with no egos. A great place to train. - Emmanuel C.


The best martial arts school in the area BY FAR. The kids classes organized, safe and fun. Adults classes are the exact same. If you want to make a positive place that will absolutely impact your child's or your life for the better, go to esteem Bjj. - Jason B.


Great instruction from a very good teacher.  Strong, repetitive emphasis on core fundamentals and a good helping of the battle-tested brought back from events that is always shared.  Moreover, it is fun.....good group of people that work very well as a cohesive unit.  A+ -Jason J.


As a martial artist and instructor and a father, I understand what a big challenge is to teach children (especially your own) -  that it is an art in itself. I decided to start my 8-year-old daughter with Brazilian Jiujitsu at Esteem because after meeting Coach Michael and seeing him on the mat with the kids, I could see it in his eyes that his heart was in it. - Joe P.


Been training here for about 4 months now, and I have to say, this gym has it all. Great instructors, an awesome group of students, and the right mentality. When I showed up at Esteem I was at a pretty tough point in my life emotionally. But once I stepped on the mats, every single person made me feel like I was a part of the family. If you are looking for a place to train jiu-jitsu or martial arts, I highly suggest checking this place out. Coach Mike is one of the most genuine people I know, and he makes himself readily available to all students. Having helped with the kids classes a few times, I can also say that if your child is looking to get into martial arts or jiu-jitsu, then there is no better place to take them than Esteem BJJ in Petaluma. It really is the best of the best when it comes to jiu-jitsu in Sonoma County. - Joseph C.



If you're looking for a solid place to train in Marin/Sonoma with some of the best instruction, encouragement without the nonsense of the typical BJJ gym, Esteem BJJ is by far the best place to train. I started training here last August and after 5 months, I truly feel as if the comradery and family environment I have come to know through Professor Michael Stratton, the coaches and competitors. I'm blessed to be here, to learn, to grow and to enjoy all that this particular establishment has to offer. I would encourage anyone who has even considered learning or training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to give this place a shot. You definitely will not be disappointed if you do. - Michael B.