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Coach Rose 

Rosie Stratton is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu purple belt who began training regularly in 2013. Being married to Michael, she was around jiujitsu all of the time and knew that once her family was established, she was going be on the mats. After her second son was born, she began training competing almost immediately and enjoyed success at both local and regional tournaments, even earning a bronze medal at the prestigious Pan Ams in 2015. 

“I absolutely love training and competing because our team does it all as a family,” Rosie says. “Not to mention the fact that my own family embraces every aspect of the jiujitsu lifestyle.” 


Rosie lights up most when the topic of her boys training comes up. “The relief I feel knowing my boys are bully proof is what every Mother wants to feel. They’re far too well trained and confident to be bullies, and clearly they can defend themselves.” 


Rosie has goals to continue competing and progressing in her jiu-jitsu. She says she considers jiujitsu to be a “ride that doesn’t have to end” and she plans on enjoying the ride.